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Nation must adopt TAR Policies – ‘Transparency, Accountability & Responsibility’

Transparency International 

“The electorates should initiate monitoring systems to keep tabs on the performance of their elected representatives, said Transparency International-Malaysia chairman Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam.” 

“He said the monitoring system can scrutinise all candidates put up by political parties for the coming general elections.”

“The simple system will ensure greater integrity, transparency and accountability from all political leaders who want to serve the country,” he said.

Opinions from The Sun  & malaysiakini

It is appropriate to name Transparency, Accountability & Responsibility as the TAR policies in honour of our Father of Independence – Tunku Abdul Rahman. It is our responsibility to lead on the visions of our founding forefathers and reject those intended to hijack our beloved country with their corruptions.

The 1st step to a better nation is the monitoring of our elected politicians. They are there for a reason and that reason is to serve the people in otherwords the Nation. Malaysians feels the country heading backwards because of the unqualified leaders they put into the public office. In return these so called leaders then offer positions to even less qualified persons or relatives in states and disticts levels. As commented by Tun Mahathir ‘send signal to the rotten goverment’, we are actually the ones that have the Power to rule this country. Therefore send out the signal to your neighbours, friends, family and even business associates to get themselves to Vote for the sake of our 50 year old Nation.

Below is the reason for forming a CitizenThinkTank website. Know your previous politicians and vote your new politician in. Vote wisely as the Nation depends on your sound decision and not one by empty promises and of racial overtones. This is how we celebrate 50 years of Bangsa Malaysia.


The Politician Watchdog
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 20 May 2007

ImageThe  Politicians Watchdog is the main component of Citizen Think Tank whereby it enables citizens from all over Malaysia to rate and provide comments on the performance of their political representatives from Malaysia. By having this database, hopefully our citizens will be better informed when it comes to the General Election. The secondary goal of Politician Watchdog is to educate the public on the roles and responsibilities of their elected representatives, so that  they could participate in the political process effectively either as a potential new candidate or as an activist.

One burning issue concerning the Politician Watchdog is the methodology and the validity of the Rating System. We admit that the system is not perfect, and as a cautionary note the data or analysis generated from the reviews should only be used as a guideline and starting point to understand a particular repesentative. It is expected that you as a voter will conduct your own research by contacting your representatives directly for validation and verification before the polling day.

The political representatives will be rated by 2 groups of raters. The first group will be anyone who have access to the internet, and who may have known or heard about an MP from the press or from another blog. They will simply be known as Users. The second group will be the Editors, who are volunteers from Citizen Think Tank, who will conduct a more thorough research before rating a particular politician. 

How can you play a role in Politician Watchdog?

You can contribute  to this endeavour by reading and researching about the politician in your constituency and then provide a rating based on the indicators identified. Here are the steps to provide a rating.

Step 1: Signup as an Online Member in the Politician Watchdog

Step 2: Login into the system

Step 3: Once you have login into the system, the Add New Review link will appear, click on it

Step 4: Provide a rating from 1 to 10 based on the indicators identified

Step 5: Provide reasons and justifications for your ratings. Please take note that all ratings without reasons given will be not be approved. All sensitive information not available in the public domain will be need to be verified by our Moderators. If you have any complaints of any other ratings, please click on Report this Review.

If you would like to be more rigour in your rating, we suggest you sign-up as an Editor. The Editor will conduct a more thorough investigation with others, and will also be involved in meeting the political repesentatives for verfication. This will be an enjoyable acitvity for those for wish to understand the roles of politicians in Malaysia.

The Expected Outcome: The So-What question 

The following are the steps which will be taken to address the under-performed or corrupted Politicans in Malaysia:

a. Organize a lobby group to demand the respective political representatives to develop corrective actions

b. During the election, to campaign against respective Politician by fielding an Independant Candidate. 

You have read our Mission Statement , and you have understood how you can actually make a difference to our country. So what are you waiting for? Register as a member right away and start rating your representatives!

Last Updated ( Sunday, 10 June 2007 )

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