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Bangsa Malaya to BANGSA MALAYSIA
August 26, 2007, 1:57 pm
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pix by TV Smith, poster by Mob
Blog House, 25th Aug 2007 –
More than 100 bloggers and ordinary Malaysians met at the Blog House at 66 Lorong Setiabistari 1 Bukit Damansara 50490 Kuala Lumpur tonight to form a movement to realise one Bangsa Malaysia.

Haris Ibrahim, who initiated the gathering, also announced the formation of Pelitar (short for Penyanyang Legasi dan Inspirasi Tunku Abdul Rahman), a body that will carry the Bangsar Malaysia aspiration to other parts of the country. Penang, Ipoh and Johor Bahru were named as the next venues for the Bangsa Malaysia awareness campaign. (A new blogsite on Pelitar will come up this afternoon).

Ahirudin Attan, the pro-tem president of the National Alliance of Bloggers or All-Blogs, formally opened the Blog House. All-Blogs was formed in April to promote blogging and protect bloggers.

Several politicians, including Zaid Ibrahim and Tony Puah, were present. Malik Imtiaz and “hippie” professor Azmi Shahrom were among the speakers at the Bangsar Malaysia forum.

All-Blogs vice-president YB Jeff Ooi, secretary Nuraina A. Samad, treasurer Tony Yew and exco members Li Tsin, Walski, Rajahram, Galadriel, Husna, Jun-E Tan, and Zorro were also present. Zorro aka Bernard Khoo was also one of the speakers at the forum. Jeff wrote a pantun and Walski played Wish You Were Here on the guitar. Azmi showed his Dylanesque side, playing two of his own compositions, and Black, who will launch his album this Thursday, gave us two big folksy protest numbers.

There were many others: Marina Mahathir, Nathaniel Tan, Shar101, Shanghai Stephen, What a Lulu, Rikey, A Voice, Pasquale, I am a Malaysian, Desiderata, the Stand-up Philosopher, Ancient Mariner, Sang Kelembai, SK Thew …

Two young bloggers – Aishah, 11, and Aiman, 12 – were among the future hope of Malaysia who attended the event, which started at 5 pm and ended just shy of midnight. Aishah was also probably the first to put up a posting on the Blog House do, here.

Blogger Big Dog recited a beautiful poem by Usman Awang entitled Tanah Air (Menjelang Merdeka). The national laureatte was also featured during my session at the forum, where I got six Malaysians to read Untuk Malaya Merdeka, an unpublished love story from 1949 about a group of young Malayans who were chasing the Bangsa Malaya dream.


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To all those who where there for that monumental moment Sobnation wishes all the best and may you all replicate this harmonious gathering for others to feel and appreciate. Blog Bless You!

Comment by sobnation

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