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RICH PIGS, POOR PIGS (both Non-Halal)
September 9, 2007, 9:33 am
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(for illustration only – filed under Malaysiakini & Malaysia Today)

Tis the season for Hunting, we had Dog hunting and Pig hunting recently. There was a suggested at the recent Citizen ThinkT@nk talk which was attended by non-other than Y.M Raja Petra from Malaysia-Today that maybe, we say maybe there should be a section to highlight mansions and cars owned by MPs and allow the public to know more about their respective MP.

This might be just the CONTEST we need to create and encourage our citizens to get the idea that they are the ones that are actually in POWER to put any MP in or out his/her home. It was said many citizens did not care about current political issues and they needed something to HATE to some out vote un-selfishly.

Don’t you HATE it when your home is LEAKING or FLOODING and while your MP is flaunting his MANSION and LUXURY CAR or worst a PLANE? Don’t you HATE it when you are stuck in a massive jam and some MP gets to cut you with ‘Kurang Ajar’ Outriders? Don’t you HATE it when your maid stole your MONEY and JEWS but the Police can’t do much about it cause they are short-handed but some MP gets to get theirs back in 24hrs?

Now how much HATE does our Citizens need to make them stand up and say its enough and we need Changes now? How poor do they want to be before taking risk because there’s nothing else to loose? Changes? from who? RPK says not from Oppositions but did hint of Citizens petition to the King? Would Malaysia go the way of Thailand soon? Are we to be driven by HATE for CORRUPTION or LOVE for COUNTRY or a little of BOTH?


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