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The Putrajaya March – ‘Walk for Justice’
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Putrajaya Map

Sept 26, 2007 – Malaysia made History and Headlines (cyber headlines). An estimated 2000 Lawyers and supporters decided to ‘Walk for Justice’ and demand for Judicial Reforms.

Things did not turn out smooth as several coaches with Lawyers and supporters were blocked from entering Putrajaya adminstrative center. This caused jams and confusion for other road users as some were turned away as well. They then had to walk almost 5km to The Palace of Justice (POJ) in the heart of the Putrajaya adminstrative center.

A ‘roaring’ welcome by those already at POJ to the last batch of them and the The Bar Council president Ambiga Sreenevasan wasted no time to make her speech to the crowd. Soon after they march towards the Prime Minister’s Department under the watchful eyes of the Police and FRU.

Cars were honking in support of the Lawyers and many local and foreign reporters were covering the event as well. It is quite a far walk and one can see to the distance the bee line of black and white men and women. Soon came the bridge and face to face with the 1st line of FRU personnels.

Surprisingly, they were told to retreat by the Police in-charge and allow the marching to proceed without any resistance from the FRU. Then all gathered at the Dataran Putra round-about and waited for a four-member delegation headed by president Ambiga to continue the walk to Prime Minister’s Department.

The sky turns dark and it poured soon after, drenching everyone. Without leaving their location, all members stood their ground and weathered through the rain in anticipation for the return of the delegation. It took quite some 45mins for them to return but return they did. The submission of the memorandum was handed over to Abdullah’s political secretary from his Internal Security Ministry, Senator Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh, calling for the establishment of a royal commission of inquiry to stem the slide in the judiciary. More about this event here.

Photos of the ‘Walk for Justice’ here
(sourced from wattahack)


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