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October 1, 2007, 12:40 pm
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TODAY is the 40th anniversary of the Anti-Corruption Agency. Director-general Datuk Ahmad Said Hamdan shares his views on how corruption is being tackled in this country. 
Q & A From The Star newspaper here:

bpr.jpg  VS comm_icaclogo_p.gif 

Q: Would you like to see the ACA modelled after the much-feared ICAC in Hong Kong? 

A: To say the ICAC in Hong Kong is feared and better is incorrect. In fact, they adopted our laws and learnt from us. We have a better track record than them in terms of prosecuting prominent figures and I also don’t think there is any other agency in this region that has taken action against top officials more than us. I rather make the ACA a respected agency than a feared one. 

Q: How many high profile cases is the ACA investigating and what are they investigated for? 

A: There are so many cases being investigated and it is difficult for me to say what is high profile and what is not. We categorise all of them as important cases that need to be investigated.

Statistics of cases by ACA here (tangkapan) vs ICAC here (prosecutions)

These are what ACA did at their website here & below

These are what ICAC did and many more reports and prosecutions listed at their website here 

27/09/07 Man guilty of bribing jockey
22/09/07 ICAC keeps DC polls clean through vigorous law enforcement and education
22/09/07 Listed company executive director charged for alleged fraud over company acquisition
21/09/07 Four arrested for alleged bribery over company acquisition
20/09/07 WSD Inspector and licensed plumber guilty of bribery over plumbing drawings for water work projects
14/09/07 ICAC enhances investigative capability to fight complex financial crimes
12/09/07 Man arrested and charged for using false receipt and affirmation over 2006 Election Committee Subsector Election
11/09/07 Two former senior executives of architectural consultancy company charged for bribery over renovation project
10/09/07 Ex-nursery school supervisor admits bribery and fraud
10/09/07 Four more charged for alleged fraud and dealing with crime proceeds in property agency case
05/09/07 Ex-purchasing officer of hotel jailed for accepting bribes
05/09/07 Ex-finance company manager gets four and a half years for accepting $10m bribes for granting loans
04/09/07 Ex-finance company manager guilty of accepting $10m bribes for granting loans
30/08/07 Trio charged for alleged HK$10m illegal commission scam over supplies of semi-conductors
29/08/07 Secondary school teacher charged for pocketing discounts from textbook distributor
24/08/07 RTHK disc jockey charged for alleged fraud over script-writing fees
21/08/07 ICAC Commissioner meets the public face-to-face
20/08/07 Trio jailed for listing and L/C frauds
20/08/07 Seven jailed for $23m fraudulent insurance claims
18/08/07 New ICAC drama series to hit TV screen in September
17/08/07 Ten charged for alleged fraud over $85m FEHD pest control contracts
16/08/07 Duo guilty of listing and L/C frauds involving listed company
15/08/07 Ex-Semtech chairman jailed for 39 months for corruption over share placements
14/08/07 Seven charged for alleged perversion over ‘stand-in’ arrangement in traffic offences
13/08/07 Law student sentenced for forging examination results to deceive HKU
08/08/07 Cruise company director charged for allegedly accepting $1m in bribes
07/08/07 Twenty-seven arrested for alleged bribery over food supplies to restaurants
06/08/07 Frozen meat supplier admits bribery for securing business from hotels and restaurants
03/08/07 Response statement
30/07/07 Law student admits plot over forged examination results
27/07/07 Duo charged for alleged fraud over use of internet server
25/07/07 CFA rules common law offence of conspiracy to defraud constitutional
25/07/07 Six face court for alleged conspiracy to defraud shareholders and stock exchange
25/07/07 Duo jailed for graft over Semtech share placements
24/07/07 Ex-Semtech chairman wanted by ICAC for corruption over share placement


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