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November 25, 2007, 3:55 pm
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Did Indians Get A Raw Deal?
Ref: Malaysiakini  &  Malaysia Today    

The answer would be YES! at least MCA came to defend the Pigs in Melaka. Instead MIC came to backstab the indians even more. MIC is NO LONGER the CHAMPION OF INDIANS anymore and they should never use this phrase ever again. They should be know as SHAMPIONS OF INDIANS because of them Indians are getting the raw deal after 50years of serving this nation.

The shame of our nation is aired for all to see and our Ministers think the people are still in favor of them. Even the police are fed up of being in between the people and the bullies working day and night in roadblocks just because the BN government is so afraid of some minority that they need to lock down the whole city.

If Australia can get a new government so can we this real multi-race multi-religious country. Keep on Marching and fight for a better deal than the pigs….

A Youtube user by the name of thaksan had made several recordings AlJazeera news reports at different times.
1) Hindraf report at 9am on Youtube
2) Hindraf report at 10am on Youtube
3) Hindraf report at 11.35am on Youtube
4) Hindraf rally report with Y.B. Mr. S.K. Devamany, the Member of Parliament for Cameron Highlands and current Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) Member of Central Working Committee

read more about this here:


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