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Pak Lah Headache

Why one may ask? Why when everyone is trying to rid the nation off a weak leader does this blog want the opposite? A simple as this “A WEAK LEADER”. To conquer another nation 1st we need to identify if the leader of that nation is strong or weak. If he’s strong and command well your chances are 50/50. If the leader is weak and does not have full support from the locals and soilders then your winning chances are very much higher. 

Pak Lah is just that. He sleeps over decisions and when things falls apart he blames others sabotaging him and lay full blame to Tun Mahathir for leaving him a shitty country to run. If there’s truth to that then why did it happen? Why anyone want to sabotage a good leader, a clean leader, a good father-in-law & an islam hadhari founder?

If the judiciary is tainted and foreigners prefer to use Singapore or else where to seek justice then why didn’t Pak Lah rectify it knowing it was Tun that damaged the reputation? If Tun was responsible for Ops Lalang and he knows it, why did Pak Lah then use ISA on 5 Indian men? Surely, they are not capable of using C4 bombs on protest gathering.

Pak Lah is a weak leader as even less than 100days we see his decisions are not inline with what ministers under him dishes out. Under him the Tourism Minister decided to sideline money due to PR states the way they did to Terengganu withholding Oil Royalties when PAS won. So the same will happen and money will go to one poor soul like the former King Zakaria of Klang.

Pak Lah should stay as PM. If he does then more UMNO/BN members will be angry and defect to PR. Pak Lah should stay as PM so many more mega corridors will emerge only to be cancelled later due to corruption, cost overruns and lack of funds. Most importantly Pak Lah should be defiant and remain as PM until next election so Pakatan Rakyat can win and form a New Ruling Party to lead a Malaysia for all.


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