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Pak Lah Headache

Why one may ask? Why when everyone is trying to rid the nation off a weak leader does this blog want the opposite? A simple as this “A WEAK LEADER”. To conquer another nation 1st we need to identify if the leader of that nation is strong or weak. If he’s strong and command well your chances are 50/50. If the leader is weak and does not have full support from the locals and soilders then your winning chances are very much higher. 

Pak Lah is just that. He sleeps over decisions and when things falls apart he blames others sabotaging him and lay full blame to Tun Mahathir for leaving him a shitty country to run. If there’s truth to that then why did it happen? Why anyone want to sabotage a good leader, a clean leader, a good father-in-law & an islam hadhari founder?

If the judiciary is tainted and foreigners prefer to use Singapore or else where to seek justice then why didn’t Pak Lah rectify it knowing it was Tun that damaged the reputation? If Tun was responsible for Ops Lalang and he knows it, why did Pak Lah then use ISA on 5 Indian men? Surely, they are not capable of using C4 bombs on protest gathering.

Pak Lah is a weak leader as even less than 100days we see his decisions are not inline with what ministers under him dishes out. Under him the Tourism Minister decided to sideline money due to PR states the way they did to Terengganu withholding Oil Royalties when PAS won. So the same will happen and money will go to one poor soul like the former King Zakaria of Klang.

Pak Lah should stay as PM. If he does then more UMNO/BN members will be angry and defect to PR. Pak Lah should stay as PM so many more mega corridors will emerge only to be cancelled later due to corruption, cost overruns and lack of funds. Most importantly Pak Lah should be defiant and remain as PM until next election so Pakatan Rakyat can win and form a New Ruling Party to lead a Malaysia for all.


Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce Doesn’t Know what’s Open Tender.


ref: malaysiakini , malaysia-today

I am surprise that someone heading a chamber of commerce talks of handicap for open tenders based on race. On TV, this person mentioned that its grossly unfair for Malay businesses to fight with Chinese businesses over a tender as he ASSumes all Chinese businesses are filthy rich CONGLOMERATES that will TELAN all Malay businesses in the open field. Does he really care for a clean effective way for the Gov to procure services or products via Open Tendering? No period. He only cares if his race gets the job 1st. If he compares to Chinese then Indians will suffer most compared to Malays hence should the Gov divide Tenders to 50% Orang Asli & Lain-lain, 30% Indians, 20% Malays & 10% Chinese based on his skewed perception? 

What utter nonsense if one were to give handicap based on race, this is not a GOLF game.

Simply put it if Gov were to give Malays 80% of the open tenders would it mean 80% Malays will profit from it? Answer is No! Because the fact is there are large Corporations owned by Malays and the have the resources and delivery power vs the small Malay business. Where that leaves the small fry as the Malay Chamber of Commerce so bluntly said. This is the core reason he gave to have handicap based on race quota. Now would he dare to raise this again within the Malay community that 90% of tenders are to be given only to small frys and the balance to large corporations? If the Gov decides to open a telecommunications tender for a zone and TM, Maxis, Digi and TeleAbu decides to bid what will be the outcome? Handicap for TeleAbu cause he’s a Malay small fry with 5 staff and 50k bank balance. Should 90% of that zone be his then? Yes? No?

I suggest all leaders and business chamber of ASSumes please read up on OPEN TENDERING or BIDDING before making a FOOL of oneself in Public.

“Open tenders”, in other words open calls for tenders, also called advertised tenders, are open to all vendors or contractors who can guarantee performance.

“Restricted tenders”, in other words restricted calls for tenders, also called invited tenders, prequalified, short-listed, or selective tenders, are only open to selected prequalified vendors or contractors. Example: ad and results.

There are 3 main procedures when tendering for European contracts that are above a certain level cost: – Open procedure – Restricted Procedure – Negotiated procedure

Each of them work in different ways.

Further details can be found on the European Website SIMAP contains extensive information about tender processes: [1] For something in layman terms you can also refer to the FAQ on tendering [2]

Handicap needed for Malays, says chamber


PENANG: The Penang Malay Chamber of Commerce is not against an open tender system but is concerned about how “fairness” is defined. 

President Rizal Faris Mohideen said the chamber was not against the new state government’s move for fairness and open tender, but felt some handicap should be given to Malay entrepreneurs to even the playing field. 

He said this was because there was a gap among the different races in terms of wealth and control of the economy. 

Rizal Faris compared the Chinese and the Malays, saying they were unevenly matched. 

“We are all for competitiveness and open tender on a level playing field. In business, we have to be competitive. However, we are concerned about the definition of fairness as the playing field is not level among the Malay, Chinese and Indian communities,” he said. 

Rizal Faris, however, asserted that the chamber did not want to encourage the subsidy culture.  

He said the federal government had been pumping in billions of ringgit to help those marginalised over the last 50 years but noted that the Malays had yet to reach the competitive level. 

“Maybe, how the money was not well spent. We have to change our approach and review how we do things to be able to create competitiveness,” he said. 

He was speaking to reporters Wednesday after a courtesy call by 43 members of the chamber, the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Malaysian Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Penang and the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry Penang on Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng at his office here. 

Rizal Faris said this was the first “interface” with Lim and his whole line of state executive councillors, and requested a separate session for Malay entrepreneurs involving his chamber, the Penang Malay Economic and Business Council and the Penang Muslim League. 

In response, Lim said certain things were beyond the state’s control and the government had to follow the state treasury’s guidelines when it came to open tenders. 

“That is the advice from the State Legal Advisor. Our scope is limited,” he said, and reiterated that the open tender system was for economic growth in Penang so that everyone could share in the prosperity.

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Celebrations aside, tomorrow marks a new day for both BN and former oppositions party in some states. Many echoed the call for PM Abdullah Badawi to step down (like reported by malaysiakini) and to take the responsibility for BN’s failure in the GE12 but there’s another person that needs to go as well.


That person is Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, he failed to find Sharlinie Mohd Nasyar, 5 yrs old, missing since 9 Jan 2008 and solve the Nurin case and furnish the murder case of Altantuyaa with proper witnesses and facts for prosecution. Malaysia is not any safer tomorrow if the person holding the responsibility abuses it and this person must be relieved of his position.


Ref: Malaysiakini  &  Malaysia Today  
12th General Elections 

The man that was handed the PM position on a silver platter by Tun Mahatir and invented a new Islam name Islam Hadhari is also the 1st PM to run the nation into bits and split everyone up as well as invented a way to fly the country on autopilot mode.

Sadly for him, the 12th General Elections shows sometimes when riding a rocket do not release lots of hot gas from the rear as it can cause a MAJOR BACKFIRE!!!

Will You Vote for Change? Vote Wisely Malaysian!


Ref: Malaysiakini  &  Malaysia Today  
12th General Elections

Barisan Nasional is running scared. According to intelligence agency reports, Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis, Kedah and Penang will fall to the opposition.

Even Johor, which has never seen a single seat fall to the opposition thus far, may see the loss of ten seats or more. That would have been unheard of even just one year ago. On last count, the opposition may capture up to 90 seats in Parliament. It needs 75 seats to deny Barisan Nasional its two-thirds majority in Parliament.

more here: http://www.malaysia-today.net/2008/content/view/3837/84/


Will You Vote for Change? Vote Wisely Malaysian!


Ref: Malaysiakini  &  Malaysia Today  
12th General Elections

Click here to cast your vote, we want to know how you feel
Malaysiakini provides more info for the election here http://www.undi.info/


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Did Indians Get A Raw Deal?
Ref: Malaysiakini  &  Malaysia Today    

The answer would be YES! at least MCA came to defend the Pigs in Melaka. Instead MIC came to backstab the indians even more. MIC is NO LONGER the CHAMPION OF INDIANS anymore and they should never use this phrase ever again. They should be know as SHAMPIONS OF INDIANS because of them Indians are getting the raw deal after 50years of serving this nation.

The shame of our nation is aired for all to see and our Ministers think the people are still in favor of them. Even the police are fed up of being in between the people and the bullies working day and night in roadblocks just because the BN government is so afraid of some minority that they need to lock down the whole city.

If Australia can get a new government so can we this real multi-race multi-religious country. Keep on Marching and fight for a better deal than the pigs….

A Youtube user by the name of thaksan had made several recordings AlJazeera news reports at different times.
1) Hindraf report at 9am on Youtube
2) Hindraf report at 10am on Youtube
3) Hindraf report at 11.35am on Youtube
4) Hindraf rally report with Y.B. Mr. S.K. Devamany, the Member of Parliament for Cameron Highlands and current Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) Member of Central Working Committee

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